Molded Velocity Stack Plate - 4 port **50mm**

Molded Velocity Stack Plate - 4 port **50mm**
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This 50mm velocity stack plate is designed to work with any of our Xcessive cast manifolds that are in a four runner set with 50mm runner size. The plate simply clamps in between the plenum and plenum flange with no drilling, welding or modifications and since the flange on the velocity stacks is only 2 mm thick, the plenum only moves 2mm, your intake piping, throttle cable and vacuum lines should stay virtually the same!

   This is a true velocity stack design, not just a radiused entry to the runners while maintaining a moderately low profile in our plenums to minimize incomming air path turbulance.

  Our modular design of intake runners, plenum and velocity stacks makes it easy to add the stacks at any time or do back to back dyno tests with or without the stacks, a few minutes with a wrench, a little sealant, let it set and go for it.

  The stacks have a 1.97 (50mm) bore on 3.125 (79.4mm) CL with a 3.1 (78.5mm) lip dia.

  The plate and stacks are made from a glass filled injection molded Nylon designed to handle the temperatures of an engine. The stacks and plate are molded seperately and then bonded together.

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