JZ Idler Pulley Lock - Series 2

JZ Idler Pulley Lock - Series 2
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  If you're having trouble throwing the accessory drive belt on your JZ, it's probably due to the fact the idler pulley is on a spring that allows it to bounce. We've designed this Idler Pulley Lock to hold the tensioner pulley in place and eliminate the bounce.

  The lock mounts to the existing power steering bracket and idler pulley, so no need to modify anything or add any new brackets to the motor. You just replace two bolts with our stand off's then install your belt using the tensioner as normal so it sets the basic tension, then put the lock on with just a bit more tension. The lock is adjustable to suit a wide variety of belt lengths.

PS pump brace, PS Pump and belt not included

The tensioner is not a trunbuckle style double adjuster, this is intentional to keep from overtightening the belt.


If you have an idler pulley with a bolt from the back and a nut on the front to hold the pulley on, this tensioner will work with the that style tensioner. Typically these idlers have a plastic pulley.

If your JZ tensioner has a steel pulley with a bolt from the front to hold the pulley on and the arm itself is threaded, this lock will not work with that style tensioner. For the front bolted unit, you will want the Sereis 1 lock, PN# T-JZ-IPL-S1.

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