1UZ 3S Flywheel mod

Toyota 1UZ Flywheel modification - uses 3SGE flywheel ( '94 MR2) **DOES NOT INCLUDE THE FLYWHEEL**
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If you're going to put a manual transmission behind that 1UZ, you're going to need a flywheel. We can modify a Toyota 3SGTE flywheel for you (flywheel not included). We set up the flywheel in our CNC and machine the off set bolt pattern to stay accurate and tight on the flywheel bolts, then we cut the correct bevel on the ring gear to work with the 1UZ front mounted starter. We can also supply new hardened bolts to mount it up to the crank. 

The flywheel is typical to the Toyota MR2 turbo with 3S-GTE, '91-'95 2.0L.

We can modify both stock and aftermarket flywheels.

This is NOT for the 5S 2.2L flywheel. The 5S flywheel requires additional machining and a starter shim.

This is for the machining only, Flywheel not included. You must supply the flywheel of your choice.

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