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Toyota shifters
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Toyota Shifters
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  If you have a Toyota W58 or R154 transmission and need a shifter or want to go with a short throw, we've got what you need!

Materials and Construction

  All 4 of our shifters are CNC turned from solid stainless steel with the pivot ball fully TIG welded to the main lever arm, the ball tips are one piece machined directly on to the 5/8" shaft.

  We've made the threads on the top of the handles standard Toyota 12x1.25mm at 18mm long so if you have a nice shifter handle already, it'll fit nicely.

   Stock Toyota shifters had a spring cap system to keep the shifter in place. We've replaced this with an anodized billet top cap that utilizes an upper pressure bushing on our full spherical shifter ball. This simple design makes it more affordable to produce and thusly easier to keep in stock!

   For our short throw shifter, we've developed a one piece molded base with stainless alignment pins, simply set into the top of your shifter housing and put the shifter in with the billet cap. There's no moving parts to foul up or get dirty, just the stock type spherical shifter ball mounted to the handle. since all the components are molded plastic, grit or debris won't cause galling or wear. 

   All shifters also come with our new injection molded tip bushing.

    The overall length (height) of the shift lever is based on stock Toyota, so fitment in just about anything is easy. They're about 11" tall from the top of the shifter housing.

Standard throw VS. Short throw

  The standard throw shifter has about an 8:1 ratio, the same as stock shifters. These are easy to shift and the standard ratio makes gear selection a bit easier to find. The length of pull from 1st to 2nd is about 5 3/4" front to back, going from 2nd to 3rd is about a 1 1/2" sideways movement. 

  Our short throw version is approximately a 5.5:1 ratio, just over a 30% change in ratio. These shifters will definitely be faster, but the speed comes with a tighter range of motion for gear selection. The length of pull from 1st to 2nd is about 4" front to back, going from 2nd to 3rd is about 1" sideways movement.

Things to check for

  Our standard throw shifter will still sit in the factory position in the shifter housing so it will need a good base bushing to sit on. It's a good idea to make sure your base bushing is there and in good condition. We've had plenty of customers talk about loose shifters only to find the base bushing is missing or deteriorated. If you're not sure how good yours is, we offer them for pretty cheap and it's good insurance to just replace it!



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