MX83 to LS Motor Mount Brackets ('89-'90 Zenki)

Cressida MX83 Motor Mount Brackets for LS swaps, Zenki '89-'90
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     We've made these LS swap brackets specifically to fit the '89-'90 Zenki chassis Cressida. They do not work on the '91-'92 chassis.

     Using our slotted mounting style of bracket we've given enough adjustment for a variety of front sump oil pans although most aftermarket pans will fit better then stock GM front sump cast pans

    Staying with our formed plate style mount and adding a compression post, we maintained maximum access for both the block bolts and motor mount bolt.

    We've also supplied the metric bolts that you're going to need to fit them up to your LS1.

Shown with X8 Urethane motor mounts and base plates, not included with motor brackets.

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