MX73/83 Chassis to T56 Transmission Cross Member

Toyota Cressida MX Chassis to T56 Transmission Cross Member
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Need a trans cross member for that MX73 or MX83 when you drop in the LS1 and T56? We've designed these plate type cross members to be a direct fit for stock chassis mount points but with added slotting for more adjustment of engine placement.

Made from 1/4" laser cut steel, formed and plated, you'll be able to put your motor right where you want it. We've included new bolting hardware so you don't have to use the old bolts that are probably getting messed up from age and grit.

Uses standard GM trans mounts, not included.

The fitment of the transmssion cross member is based on the adjustment available when using our JZ or LS motor brackets, other motor brackets may not allow the correct location to be obtained.

Foreign market transmission (Non USDM) may have extra mounting hardware that requires removal for proper fitment. A stock transmission mount or one such as Energu Suspension (3-1108G) suspension mount from a USDM vehicle will be required. 

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