Steering Shaft Adapter - S2 (non power)

Toyota Steering Shaft Adapter - Series 2
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   This all new Steering Shaft Adapter is made for adapting Toyota non power rack and pinion steering into cars that originally had a steering box. This is a common scenario on exaples like Celica and TE Corolla to AE rack conversions. This adapter works nicely if you want to keep your stock column and avoid adapting wiring or column fitment to the dash.


Column U-Joint joint fitment

  You can not adapt a rack and pinion without a universal joint on the end of the column at the firewall. The new weld on fitting for the lower end of the column is the missing link to adapting a rack and pinion. The adapter is designed to slip inside the steering shaft when the rag joint end has been cut off and then welded on. Converting to the universal joint adapter does require a good welder to get it properly adapted. This is you're steering, don't mess around if you're not 100% sure you can get a good weld!

   If you're going to use a stock AE86 front crossmember, the steering rack tends to be a bit far back and can cause a bind in the new upper universal joint. We recommend moving the crossmember forward at least 1" or using one of our Series 2,3 or 4 front crossmembers.


Column bearing fitment

  The non rack and pinion steering columns do not have a lower bearing in them, so when you remove the steering box, the lower end just flops around. We provide a new Graphite filled Nylon bushing to go into the lower end of the column to solve this problem. After you've welded on the new U-Joint adapter (and cleaned the shaft and column body inside) the new bearing gets installed.


Rack fitment

  The new intermediate shaft has the lower universal joint welded on and is designed for use with Toyota power steering racks. Non-power racks typically have an input spline with a diameter of .55" (14mm). The splines on the lower joint do not fit other steering racks. Some Toyota racks have a long lead in on the top of the spline that may require some clearance to be done for the universal joint to rotate freely. You can just see an example of this in the last picture. This does not fit power racks


Final fitment

   The new assembly has a total length of 14.75" (375mm) from the top of the upper universal joint to the center of the lower cinch bolt that will go in the groove of the splines on the rack. The intermediate shaft is designed to be cut down to fit your installation without running out of spline length on the shaft. Just install the upper u-joint and column, install the rack and lower u-joint with shaft, mark your fitment and trim the intermediate shaft.


Parts included

Splined Rack lower universal joint with center shaft welded in

Upper universal joint.

Upper weld in universal joint adapter

Column Bushing for lower end of column

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