Q45 intake to Ford 5.0 Throttle body flange

Q45 to Ford 5.0 Adapter Throttle body flange
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If your intake manifold is set up for a Q45 throttle body but you want to run a Ford 5.0 throttle body, we've made this adapter flange that allows you to directly bolt on a Ford throttle body.

The flange is bored to 82mm but can easily be machined to adapt up to a 90mm Ford throttle body with a taper down to the Q45 82mm. We can do the taper machine work for you, just ask!

The flanges are CNC cut from 1/2" thick 6061 T6 aluminum and threaded for 8m bolts on the Ford pattern. In order to get the bolt patterns to adapt, we've rotated the Ford pattern12 degrees in both CW and CCW directions giving you a dual pattern to pick your placement of the Ford based throttle body.

We've also supplied the flat head bolts required for attaching it to your Q45 intake, so no having to source special bolts.

We also offer a Ford 5.0 throttle cable bracket that may just suite your application and make install a lot easier.

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