VG30 into S Chassis Mount Kit

Nissan VG30 into S Chassis Mount Kit - Motor Mounts, Trans mount and bolting hardware **No Driveline**
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  Our VG30 mount kit comes with a pair of motor mount brackets, transmission cross member and bolting hardware making it a simple way to get the VG engine and transmission (Z32) sitting in the 240SX.

  Designed to place the engine as low as possible and as far back as possible to help with shifter placement and weight distribution, this is an easy way to start your swap.

  All parts are CNC cut from 1/4" steel plate, formed and plated, these components will last a life time. The mounts are designed to be used with your factory style S chassis motor mounts (KA or SR) so no need to buy a set of special mounts. If you want a better mount then stock, we offer high performance urethane mounts that handle a lot of abuse for a verry long time.

   Due to the size of this motor, clearance to the vacuum brake booster must be checked as well as clearance to the fire wall. performance urethane mounts are highly recommened to reduce engine movement.

  The oil pans and oil pick ups will require modification to fit in the S chassis. Different VG configurations such as twin turbo or sedan based motors may have different accessories that need to be addressed upon install such as oil pan and exhaust as well as different generation of engine or transmission, Z31 or Z32.

   The twin turbo exhaust manifolds are not designed to fit the S chassis and will require significant work for fitment. Please read the instructions on this site to learn more about the requirements for running this kit. This kit does not include a driveline.

Kit Includes:

Motor Mount brackets, Driver and Passenger

Trans cross member for Z32 transmission

Trans cross member bolting hardware

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