S Chassis Solid Motor Mount kit

Nissan 240 Solid mount kit w/ Motor and trans mounts
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This solid engine and transmission mount kit will stop all movement of the engine. Using solid aluminum motor mounts and a plated steel transmission cross member that bolts directly to your chassis and transmission, this kit will pass the test of time.

If you want the most consistent shifts, maximum engine and road feel and maximum response, go with an all solid kit. If your drag racing, road racing or drifting, stopping your engine and transmission from moving around is a good idea.

Don't want completely solid mounts? Try our urethane motor mounts. They're handle high abuse and still offer some vibration absorbtion with minimal motor deflection.

This kit works with all KA24, SR20, CA18, RB and JZ engines that would normally use S chassis motor mounts, in 180's and 240's.

These motor mounts are a straight through bolt, not the slightly staggered bolt found on most stock mounts, you will need to slightly clearance the engine bracket and/or cross member for proper fitment and alignment.

This transmission cross member will NOT work with any other transmission then a stock fitting S chassis transmission.

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