Q45 Clutch Pedal Mount - Series 1, '89-'95 G50 chassis.

Q45 Clutch Pedal Mount Bracket - Series 1 for the '89-'95 G50 chassis.
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   If you're planning on doing a clutch conversion on your Q45, our pedal mount bracket is the easiest way to do it. Our bracket bolts directly to the stock Q45 brake bracket with only two holes to be drilled for mounting of the bracket to the Q45 brake assembly and then routing of the clutch line and remote reservoir line.

   The new mount bracket is set up for a Wilwood 340-1290 pedal assembly and the master cylinder is a compact version Wilwood 260-10372, these are readily available from several vendors so no searching the parts yards or forums for used pieces of questionable condition and lots of work to get them to fit.

     You will need to modify the Q45 brake pedal to move the pedal over and narrow it, but this is fairly easy when the assembly has been removed for the clutch bracket fitment any way.

For more information you can view the kit installation instructions or send us an email.

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