KA24 to VG Transmission adapter

Nissan KA24 to VG Transmission adapter with starter, no drive line or trans mount
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Xcessive Manufacturing's transmission adapter kit for the '90-'96 300zx VG (NA bell housing required for KA) transmission is engineered to be the easiest on the market. This kit requires NO machining of the bell housing, which means no disassembly of the transmission. You bought the transmission in working condition, don't take it apart now! Many parts houses also offer warranties, taking the transmission apart and machining it will void the warranty, not to mention kill the resale value. You also save the cost of shipping the bell housing!! The adapter kit also uses ALL the stock bolts for both the KA and VG, your pushing a lot of power and using it hard, don't skimp on the bolts holding it together. Tired of breaking that stock KA transmission. This is not only the best way but the strongest, easiest way to swap in a better transmission. If you can do a clutch or transmission, you can do a VG swap in about the same time amount of time. Not stopping with the easiest adapter kit, we've also designed a new shifter bracket kit , sold separately. Xcessive's shifter kit places the shifter in virtually the stock location. No more hacking the trans tunnel and console. This allows a virtual stock look and better placement of the shifter, again retaining more resale value of the car. The transmission kit comes with all the hardware needed to bolt the transmission up to your KA using your exsisting KA clutch. Stock flywheels require machining to expose the teeth of the starter ring to the rear, most after market flywheels require no adjustment. Additional clearance in the VG transmission starter opening may need to be adressed. This is for the transmission adapter kit only and does NOT include any chassis mounting hardware or driveline. Kit Includes: Transmission adapter ring Adapter ring bolting hardware Flywheel spacer and bolts Starter Bell housing bolts
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