KA24 to GM Transmission adapter Plate

Nissan KA24 to GM Transmission adapter Plate
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   We've made this adapter plate for the KA to mate up a GM bell housing typical to swaps where the motor has been straightened up and not sitting at the normal left side lean of the KA found in a 240SX from the factory. If you are going to run the adapter in a 240SX or on a motor that is sitting rotated to the left side of the car, the transmission will not sit straight up and down.

     If you plan to run an Auto trans, you will need to have a custom torque converter made as the GM converter will NOT bolt up to the KA flex plate. We do have a torque converter adapter for stock GM converters to adapt. If you're wanting a manual transmission, there's going to be clutch parts that require figuring out.

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