Auto Chassis to Toyota Manual Transmission- Cross Member

Automatic Chassis to Toyota Manual Transmission- Cross Member
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If you're doing a Toyota manual transmission in your FC chassis that is a factory automatic chassis, this cross member will line things up for you. We've designed it work well with our JZ motor brackets and bolt directly to factory FC mounting points as well as accommodate R154 and W58 transmissions.

Made from a single piece of 1/4" steel, we've formed it do the job a clean as possible and work with a factory Toyota rubber mount or our Urethane transmission mount (T-UTM-S1 or T-UTM-S4).

If you have a newer transmission with the Tri Pod shifter off the back, they have a different location for the transmssion mount and do not directly fit our cross member. If you push the engine forwards to fit the shifter as the defining element, our cross member and driveshaft will not be correct.

This tranmission crossmember is for AUTOMATIC transmission chassis only. It does not fit cars that came with manual transmissions from the factory.

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