XM Fuel Pump Mod - S1 - GS300

Lexus GS300 (JZS160) Xcessive Fuel Pump Mod - Series 1
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  The GS300 has a variable speed controller on the fuel pump that's located in the trunk. These controllers are known to go out over time and the fuel pump simply won't run. If you're running a turbo motor swap or other power upgrades, the variable voltage controller can make it harder for the fuel pump to keep up efficiently and can cause tuning issues.

  We've made our XM Fuel Pump Mod to be a direct plug in by pass for the voltage regulator eliminating all of the variable voltage and eliminating the possibility of a costly factory unit buring out.

  Just unplug the stock voltage regulator unit and plug in our XM power jumper. The unit is still activated by the ignition key when in run, so it's not going to be on all the time, only when the key is in the run position, it's not going to be on in the accessory position.

 This unit will run the fuel pump on any ECU as long as the main pump power unit wiring has not been tampered with.

 This is the Series 1 unit that runs direct to the ignition key, run position.

 For the ECU controlled unit, you'll want the Series 2 (T-S160-FPM-S2)


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