JZS160 Clutch Pedal

Lexus GS300 (JZS160) Clutch Pedal Mount with Pedal
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  If you're doing a 5 speed swap on your JZS160 chassis, you're going to need one of these. It's the only readily available clutch pedal that's even close to a bolt in for the JZS160 chassis.

  The GS300 never came with a clutch pedal on the U.S., so there's no provisions for fitment already built into the car. You will need to drill 3 holes in the firewall and relocate some wiring under the dash for the pedal to mount up and fit.

   The main bracket is formed 1/8" steel and the hanging pedal arm is 1/4" steel on a 12mm pivot. We've also provided all the bolting hardware for the clutch mount and the master cylinder hook ups. This kit does NOT include the clutch master cylinder.

Please note this pedal is made for LHD USDM cars.

The basic kit does not come with the clutch master cylinder, be sure to add that if you'd like us to send one with the kit!

Don't forget to chek out our clutch lines as well!


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