JZ Power Steering Pump Braces

JZ Power Steering Pump Braces - AC Delete
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JZ power steering pump brace - Steel
JZ power steering pump brace - Billet

  If you want to remove your AC, you'll need to brace that power steering pump! We've got two options for you, plate steel and annodized billet.

General Fitment

  When you remove the AC pump, the power steering pump no longer has support from the bottom and the belt will try and tear it off the block. Our new pump braces will fully support the PS pump from below and take all the pull from the drive belt. We use the same two bolts on the block and single bolt on the pump that the factory AC compressor used.

Why a new belt?

   When you remove the AC, the old belt will be to long. We've got the belt to do the job without the AC.

Extra requirements

    Nope, nothing extra. The power steering braces come with the requred bolts. Just bolt the brace on and slap on the new shorter belt.

    If you're going to be drifting where RPM can fluctuate rapidly or you have a problem with your drive belt comming off, in the last pic shows our Idler Pulley Lock (T-JZ-IPL). Once the belt is installed, the lock will keep the idler pulley from bouncing and causing the belt to jump off.


    The steel brace is, well, steel (gold color in the pics). The billet brace is 6061 Aluminum (cobalt color in the pics).

Whats included

Either of the brackets come with the new bracket and the bolting hardware.

The belt, is just a belt.


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