J160 Shifter Mount

J160 Transmission Shifter Mount
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J160 Shifter Mount - Series 1 - Zenki
J160 Shifter Mount - Series 2 - Kouki

 If you're doing a BEAMS swap with the J160 6 speed manual and the shifter just won't sit far enough forward, you should check out our new shifter mount.

General Fitment - Zenki vs. Kouki


   The J160 comes in two configurations, early (Zenki - S1) and late (Kouki - S2), they require two different shifter bridges for propper fitment. The early Zenki stock shifter bracket is cast aluminum wile the later Kouki will have a formed steel bracket. You can also look at the last picture to see how to identify which bracket you will need.


  Our all new shifter assembly places the shifter in the center of the 4 bolt holes on top of the transmission housing. When in neutral, the shifter center line is 25.5" (648mm) from the front of the bell housing. The new shifter bridge is only 5/16" (8mm) higher then the factory shifter bracket to sit over the tail housing, so no major increase in height. When used with our BEAMS AE motor brackets, it's an excellent fit for a Corolla swap!


General Features


  We've made our shifter assemby with OEM manufacturing processes, using 3D Cad modeling, part analysis and designed with a casting process in mind. Both the shifter bar and shifter bridge are permanent mold cast aluminum, heat treated then CNC machined. All processes are done in house start to finish; Casting, heat treating, machining and finishing.


Transmssion and Shifter Fitment


   The shifter assembly is designed to fit directly onto the J160 without any cutting, grinding or modifications. Just remove the stock hardware and bolt ours on. The shifter bridge will fit both the stock shifter assembly and short throw shifters, (some fitment may be required for short shifter asemblies).


Shifter Bar


  The shifter bar utilizes an H-Beam design to increase both torsional strength and minimize linear deflection while keeping it light weight and maintaining a seamless one piece design. The cast one piece design also allows us to machine the mounting bore and shifter pocket into a single production part.  No extra steps to go from A to B; just one part where only one part is needed.


Shifter Bridge


   The shifter bridge is designed with function and form in mind. Utilizing a casting process again, we are able to step away from a cubic block design typically found with conventional billet block machining methods. This gave us the design freedom to engineer a part that has both excellent strength in structure and form.  No need to compromise on structure or form due to production limitations.



Stock shifter, short throw shifter and transmission not included.


Parts included


Shifter Bridge


Shifter Bar


Shifter Bridge bolting hardware



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