2JZ-GE Throttle Lock

2JZ-GE Throttle Lock
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    If you've ever experienced the lag or hesitation of the Drive By Wire 2JZ-GE found in '98-'05 cars (USDM), we've got a way to help with that, a nifty little throttle lock (also know as a drive by wire delete). This little piece is also extremely help full if want to go stand alone ECU without DBW so you don't have to source a new throttle body. These throttle bodies are found in the IS300 (SXE10) and GS300 (JZS160/161). This throttle lock is not intended for use on emission controlled stock ECU's.

   The stock internal plastic throttle actuator only allows a small amount of mechanical throttle, without DBW or a throttle lock, you will not be able to achieve full throttle! Our molded plastic throttle lock insert is the easiest, lightest and most affordable way to achieve full throttle with just the throttle cable alone.

   Made from injection molded glass reinforced Nylon, this little part fits on the input side of the stock throttle hardware so you can eliminate the gears run by the DBW motor and dramatically reduce the drag of pulling the DBW system. In most cases, the modification can be done with just and 8mm wrench or a screw driver in a matter of minutes and doesn't require recalibration of the TPS unless you adjust the idle screw.

  If you leave the DBW motor and gears in place, you will have a bit more resistance on the pedal.

 Installation requires the removal of the 4 screws that hold the throttle quadrant and input TPS, then just lift it off the throttle body and put our Throttle Lock on the internal wheel. The throttle lock is fully captured when installed, just bolt the TPS/Quadrant back in it's factory index/location and it's locked and loaded!

   The design of our throttle lock insert does not require any recalibration of the TPS as the ECU retains most of the DBW control and idle control. If you're going with a stand alone ECU and no DBW, you'll be setting TPS values anyway for tuning.

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