Swivel Elbow - 78 Degree

Swivel Elbow, 78 Degree with Q45 Throttle body bolt pattern
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We've made this swivel elbow with a 78 degree angle between flanges for those times when you need to get your Q45 throttle body rotated closer to 90 degrees but not quite. Sometime it can be a lot easier to rotate the throttle body at the plenum then it is to try and squeeze in piping or a coupler. The elbow can be rotated at the plenum 360 degrees with an O-Ring seal, so the orientation on the plenum isn't fixed making it easy to aim it right where you need it.

The elbow comes with stainless steel clamp rails, plated flange head bolts, o-ring and cast elbow. Everything is threaded or surfaced and ready to go.

Kit Includes

1 - 45 degree swivel elbow

4 - 8mm Flange head bolts

1 - O-ring

2 - Stainless clamp straps


This is for the elbow kit only (pic 1) Plenum kit not included (pic 3)

This elbow fits on intakes with a Q45 flange/bolt pattern and has a flange to mount a Q45 throttle body, other throttle body flanges can be welded on but it can not be mounted to a different plenum.

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