Aluminum runner tube 1 3/4" ID, 1/8" wall

1 3/4" ID (2" OD) 1/8" wall Aluminum runner tube, sold by the inch
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      If your're going to use one of our billet intake flanges, this tubing is a good way make runners. The 1 3/4" ID Aluminum runner tube has an 1/8" wall thickness (2" OD) and is 6061 alloy.

      This tube ovals nicely to the right size for most of our billet flanges, confirm before ordering if you're not sure.

      Runner Tubing is sold by the inch. If you want 24 inches, you'll need to select a quantity of 24. If you'd like your order cut to specific lengths, like 4 pcs. that are 6" long, just specify in the order notes.

We can also oval the ends. They're done separately, at an additional charge. If you have 4 tubes, you'll probably want 4 oval ends.

  The pictures show the tubing with one end ovaled, this is not how they come unless you order ovaling! They will be straight tubes!

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