End feed plenum - Honda B and H series throttle bodies

End feed plenum machined for Honda B and H series throttle bodies
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This is our cast  End Feed plenum design with a B and H series Honda throttle body pattern threaded for 8mm bolts with a 3" (75mm) bore.   The main flange is drilled and tapped for our bolt on plenum design, you can use one of our plenum flanges and easily put the pieces together to meet your needs or give us a call for a custom manifold estimate.    We've tested the our bolt on flange to over 100 PSI. We've also set it up with clearance to accept our 4 port velocity stack plate when bolted to a flange making velocity stacks an easy, affordable option in your custom intake build.

The plenum has a 3.4 liter volume and 4 - 1/8" NPT port for vacuum fittings. The bolting flange is threaded for 10 - 6mm bolts. We've also added a mounting boss for the stock Honda type IAT sensor, just drill and tap if needed.

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