RAM Hydraulic release bearing Kit

RAM Hydraulic release bearing PN 78100 with -4 AN to 1/8" NPT 90 degree fitting and 53" -4 Braided Stainless line.
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RAM Hydraulic release bearing PN 78100 with 53" -4 Braided Stainless line and a -4 AN to 1/8" NPT 90 degree fitting.

This kit works with most of our trans swaps or Push type clutch set ups where you want a nice long 53" braided stainless line to get from the clutch master into the transmission.

If you need different fitting, let us know and we can probably put the kit together for you.

It is recommended to use a 3/4" bore master cylinder with the RAM release bearing.

If you have a Toyota such as a Cressida, Corolla or SC300/400, you can use the 1986 Toyota Land Cruiser Master with a 3/4"
bore as it will match the firewall bolt holes. The pressure line output is slightly different and will require accommodations.

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