XJ Coil Over Suspension

Jaguar XJ series Coil Over suspension
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When you want your Jaguar to handle better then it ever has, then you'll want to put in our coil over conversion kit with full cantilever rear coils.

The Jaguar suspension geomerty actually works quite well despite it's age, the part it's lacking is the ability to adjust ride height, spring rates, preload and dampening.

   Up front is our new inverted coilover assembly (individual components currently not pictured), a complete departure from the divorced spring and shock from Jaguar. The new design requires only a few modfications and some welding to the stock subframe without even having to remove it form the car but still retains the removablitiy of the complete unit. The ability to preload the springs and adjust the ride heigh independantly is something you just can't get with the factory loose spring design. The inverted coils also have 30 way adjustable valving, not 3 or 5 points of adjustment. The front does require cutting down the sway bar and welding on a new end if you want to retain it as well as celocating and reconfiguring the the end link and lower mount.

  The rear is a complete departure from the quad shock assembly of the olden days. We've connected the lower control arm to our cantilever upper assembly with a wish bone push rod to keep the power even on the arm. The heim rods on the wish bone allow additionl ride adjustment over what can be fine tuned on the cantilever coils. We've also given the cantilever mechanism the ability to adjust the spring rates by adjusting the leverage of the assembly. The new V mounted coils in the back also have the same adjustable spring preload, ride height and 30 way adjustable dampening of the front. The rear installation does not require welding, but it does require drilling for mounting the cantilevers and hooking up the push rod.

Kit includes:

Front and rear coilovers

Front upper weld mounts

Front lower Bolt on mounts

Rear Cantilver assembly

Rear Wish bone rods

All required bolting hardware


Installation of this kit requires cutting, drilling and welding.

Please contact us direclty with questions or concerns!

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