Toyota MX chassis Heim Tie Rod adapters - Regular length

Toyota MX chassis Heim Tie Rod adapters - Regular length
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Tired of those worn out tie rods? Converting to fast ratio steering arms or longer lower control arms? We've made these MX chassis Heim tie rod adapters to fit into the stock taper found on the steering knuckles and thread directly onto the inner tie rods. They can be used with stock steering components or aftermarket arms that fit the stock taper tie rod mount. We've made heim adapters to allow for up to approximately 15mm of drop on the pivot point for the tie rod giving a reduction in bump steer above that of just running RCA's. These must be run on lowered cars of approximately 2" to 3" drop, the angle found on stock height cars will cause a bind in heim joint and cause damage or failure of parts. Sold in pairs, Inner tie rods and steering arms not included. These are the standard length rod ends and couplers designed to work on stock front suspension and both of our quick ratio steering arms, standard and Zero Ackerman. They also work with extended front lower controll arms up to 1.25" based on X8 geometry.
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