MX83 Drift Caliper Bracket

MX83 Drift Caliper Bracket
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If you're looking to add a drift brake to your MX83 Cressida, we've got a pretty simple way to do it and be able to retain the factory parking brake if you want. Our kit does not require removal of the backing plate or dust shield that locates the drum parking brake but you can remove it if you want without affecting the drift brake mounting.

We've based our billet aluminum bracket kit around a Honda front caliper that is commonly available at parts yards and has a wider pad area then the comonly used 300Z rear caliper, (see Honda application info below). The smaller mounting size of the Honda caliper allows us to fit it in between the parking brake cable and the top of the suspension, just trim the dust shield, press out a stud and bolt the hardware together. No need to remove the wheel hub or fight with cutting off the entire dust shield/backing plate and parking brake cable.

We supply all the necessary bolting hardware for the bracket and the caliper as well as a "weld on" mounting tab for the calipers flexible brake line for an OEM type install. Just add your master cylinder and some hard lines. Brake Calipers Not Included! You must supply the Honda brake calipers from an '84 to - '87 model such as a Civic 1.5L.

The calipers must have a bolt center line mounting distance of 5 1/2" (see the third picture). If you source your calipers from a parts yard, you can also get the pads and the flex brake line with the spring mounting clip where the flex line will mount to the body.

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