SC300 - SC400 Transmission cross member - Manual trans

SC300 - SC400 Transmission cross member - Manual trans
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If you're doing a 5 speed swap or changing your W58 for an R154, this transmssion cross member will do the job. We've formed this cross member from a single plate of 1/4" steel to eliminate any welds and keep a slim profile. Keeping it simple also means a good price.

The double slotted design allows the cross member to work with both a W58 and R154 transmissions.

This cross member works with stock rubber transmission mounts but if you want a urethane mount and have a late model W58 or R154 transmision from an SC or similar year, then you'll want the T-UTM-S2.

If you have an early W58 or R154 such as from a MK3 Supra, we have a hybrid urethane motor mount to convert it over to the later style wide bolt pattern on the mount base, T-UTM-S5. The early MK3 Supra type rubber mounts have a narrow bottom bolt pattern that won't fit the late model cross members from the SC chassis.


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