RTAB - Pro Comp Mono Ball

Rear Trailing Arm Bushing - Pro Competition Mono Ball
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    The Rear Trailing Arm Bushings (RTAB's) are a know problem when it comes to good handeling. The stock rubber bushings were just not designed for high loads without deflection. Couple that with the age and abuse we're putting them through and the deflection causes eratic handeling both on and off throttle, in and out of the corners, just unpredictable grip and handeling all the way around. Replacing the RTAB's with a quality bushing that eliminates the deflection of stock rubber busihngs will make a dramatic difference in overall handeling making the car far more predictable and controllable, even for daily use.

General fitment and installation

  These new Mono balls are designed to go directly into the stock location on the rear trailing arm and fit the factory mounting cup without any modifications. You will need to remove the arms from the car and remove the stock bushings to install the new units. A press is recommended for the proper installation of Mono Balls.


   These are the all out Pro Competition RTAB's, if you want the maximum in control, this is it. The Teflon lined Mono Balls rotate freely under high loads with zero deflection and the all steel componentry isn't going to run the potential for wear like some aluminum ones on the market. We use a full size Mono ball, not a smaller unit put in a larger size housing. These will handle higher loads for longer then the smaller versions on the market and the steel side spacers will outlast the versions with aluminum side spacers as well. We also supply urethane side seals to help keep grit and debris out of the Mono ball to help lengthen the lifespan as well as help with side loading.

    We only recommend these for competition use as the Mono balls are not made for the constant vibration of public roads over many miles. Road use transmits extra loads into all the components associated with the suspension and mounts that are not designed to handle the increased stresses. It's not just the mono ball handeling the extra road noise, it's all associated components.



Full size Mono Ball

All steel hardware

Urethane side seals

Sold as a complete set for both arms




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