RTAB Mod Street - 90A

Rear Trailing Arm Bushing - Modified Street 90A Urethane Bushings (Blue)
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    The Rear Trailing Arm Bushings (RTAB's) are a know problem when it comes to good handeling. The stock rubber bushings were just not designed for high loads without deflection. Couple that with the age and abuse we're putting them through and the deflection causes eratic handeling both on and off throttle, in and out of the corners, just unpredicatable grip and handeling all the way around. Replacing the RTAB's with a quality bushing that eliminates the deflection of stock rubber busihngs will make a dramatic difference in overall handeling making the car far more predictable and controllable, even for daily use.

General fitment and installation

  The new bushings are designed to go directly into the stock location on the rear trailing arm and fit the factory mounting cup without any modifications. You may be able to pull the old bushings with the arms still in the car, but we find it easier to remove the arms from the car.


   We call these our Modified Street RTAB's because they're not a solid material such as our black bushings or mono balls. The shore A urethane makes them far better for modifed street cars that want more control over stock rubber, but not the aggressive solid bushings. The Blue Polyurethane bushings are an 90 Shore A, a bit stiffer then most typical to most aftermarket bushings. These are the stiffer of our two shore A bushings, as stiff as you go before the hard bushings. The urethane still offers more vibration absorbtion compared to our hard plastic or mono ball versions, you will still get an increase in road noise compared to stock rubber bushings though.  



High grade industrial Polyurethane

Sold as a complete set for both arms.




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