KA24DE S14 distributor cap adapter kit

Nissan KA24DE S14 distributor cap adapter kit, with cap and rotor.
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We've molded this cap adapter base for the S14 dual cam distributor to allow the use of a large profile cap. If you want to run an external coil/CDI box that puts out a lot more spark then stock, you may want to consider a large profile cap to eliminate the possibility of spark scatter or the spark jumping from the rotor to the wrong post due to high RPM or a significant increase in spark power.

We've also designed a coil delete unit to help wire for an external CDI box and coil. All you need to do is remove the stock coil, put our delete unit in it's place and re-assemble the coil. Then just use the screw post on the side of our delete unit to hook up to your CDI box. This is the best way to go to an external box/coil without having to cut or solder anything in your distributor.

   Distributor, spark plug boots/ends and coil delete not included

Kit Includes:

New Cap  

New Rotor

Cap adapter base  

Cap hold downs with hardware

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