VH to 240SX (S) chassis swap kit

VH to 240SX (S) chassis swap kit, Motor mounts, trans mount, driveline, bolting hardware
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Xcessive's VH Swap Kit for the 240SX comes with steel motor mount brackets for the VH engine and steel trans cross member bracket for the 240SX (S) chassis. The kit is designed to place the engine as low as possible without compromising the oil pan and as far back as possible to allow the shifter to sit in virtually the stock location when using one of our shifter bracket kits.

CNC cut from 1/4" steel plate, these engine brackets and trans bracket will handle all the punishment you can throw at them and last a life time doing it. These mounts are designed to be run as solid mounts, the VH is a smooth running motor and a tight fit into the S chassis, so flexy rubber mounts may not be such a good idea.

These mounts also work excellent with our VH alternator relocation kit and power steering pulley kit to install the VH with no frame cutting for a much easier, cleaner install. 

This kit also includeds a one piece steel driveline so you won't have to run around and get one of those made either.

Standard motor brackets in the kit are LHD, RHD is available apon request. The RHD mounts move the motor to the left side of the car which will cause the power steering pump to contact the frame rail even with our pulley kit, you will need to notch the frame rail.

Due to the size of this motor, clearance to the vacuum brake booster must be checked and some boosters may be to large in diameter and need to be replaced. Please read the instructions on this site to learn more about the requirements for running this kit.

You must specify S13, S14 or S15 when ordering to get the correct driveline.

This kit does not make the VH "fit" the S chassis, ABS brake modulators, brake boosters, sway bars and exhaust are a few of the items you will need to address during install. We have come up with a few parts such as the Alternator relocation bracket and Power steering pulley to aid in the install without cutting the chassis.

Included Parts:

VH 240 Motor Mount Brackets

VG 5 Speed Transmission Cross Member

One Piece steel Driveline for the VG/240SX

Bolting hardware for the supplied brackets

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