S13 chassis - Front Skid Plate

Nissan S13 chassis - Front Skid Plate
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    Our one piece steel front skid plate for the S13 chassis is cnc cut and formed from 2.5 mm thick sheet then plated for corrosion resistance. We've designed the plate to bolt directly to the 240/180 chassis with no drilling or welding required. With all hardware supplied, this skid plate can be bolted on in less than an hour and protect your oil pan and engine for a lifetime.

  Designed to fit with stock and after market sway bars, stock and lowered engines, the plate has an off set rear bolting flange to help protect the bolt heads from damage as well as deflect debris from the cross member.

  This skid plate will fit most any motor swap we've seen. The rear mounting point can be lowered by spacing the flange down using longer bolts and washers or spacers. The pan has a 1/2" drop formed into the rear flange where it bolts to the cross member.


Kit includes:

One piece formed steel skid plate

New bolting hardware

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