G50 chassis (89'-'95) BC Racing Coil Overs

Nissan Q45 (G50 chassis 89'-'95) BC Racing Coil Overs
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  We set up these BC Racing BR type coil overs for the G50 chassis with 14K front and 10K rear spring rates for good manners when lowered. We've found these rates to work well for street and most track use. The Q45 handles great on road as well as at the track!

  The early gen ('90-'93) only requires one hole to be drilled out for the rear top hat to 10mm, the '94-'96 requires the front lower mount on the strut to be sized for stock bolt. If you let us know at the time of ordering, we will size the front strut mounts for you!

The 14/10 spring rates are specific to our build for the G50 and come with the correct valving and hats set up to correctly run in the Q45. The coils also have standard top mount 30 possition dampener adjusters and wrenches. There are no major modifications required or extra parts needed to install these in your G50.

We try to keep them in stock but with the custom spring rates and valving it can take us a few weeks to restock if we get behind. Please contact us direct prior to ordering if you need the coils on a tight timeline!

Usually in stock and shipped from our shop in the original packaging. If you want a different spring rate or an extra low set up, just send us an email for a quote and timeline.

These coils will typically go lower then the factory front suspension will allow until you clearance the front upper contoll arms. Our test car was able to get within 1/2" of 18" rims with the fender lip.

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