S Chassis Front Tension Rod - Series 1

Nissan Front Tension Rod - Series 1
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Want a simple front tension rod that's tough and build to last? We've designed these front tension rods with simplicity and durability in mind, no fancy parts or more expensive materials, just tough and functional, set it and forget it. The Nissan factory design has some good qualities if you can keep them to your advantage. Our Tension rod is made from 3/4" steel with a heavy welded control arm mounting point, we've managed to pack a lot of features into one of the simplest designs. With the front section fully threaded and all the Caster adjustment done up front with just one heim that can never spin it's way out of major adjustment, this has allowed us to keep the center section slimmer and cleaner so your tires and rims don't contact an adjuster sleeve causing damage and running the risk of jarring things loose. This design has also allowed us to offset the rod section through the middle to gain approximately 3/4" more tire clearance over stock tension rods and 1" more than most straight type tension rods with a center adjust. We've also incorporated offset front hiem spacers for maximum clearance. All of this allows more turn in for more steering angle before the tire hits the tension rod. Kit Includes: Two tension rods Two front Adjustable Heims Two sets of side spacers Bolting hardware for control arm
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