Rear Arm Kit

Rear Adjustable Arm Kit
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    Lowering your Mercesed? Want to fix the rear suspension geometry? Tired of worn our rubber bushings? This fully double adjustable heim arm kit will allow you to ge the alingment back into some good specs!

    The kit comes with 6 arms to replace replace 3 on each side which will allow you to get the spindle back in a descent location allowing the retention of the stock lower arm and toe rod.

    The suspension tubes are DOM steel tube with insterted and welded threaded ends. The ends are right hand and left hand threads allowing in car adjustment to help with set when installed.

    The heims are a heavy duty grade with teflon liners for better life and less noise wthout having to grease them. They also have zero deflection! Heims are not intended for a long life span daily driven vehicles.

    Mercedes uses steel sleeves that go from the arms into the mounting points, these sleeves will need to be re-used along with the factory bolts.

This kit does not include the main lower arm or toe rod.

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