190E JZ Motor Mount Kit

W201 (190E) Motor Mount Kit with engine brackets and urethane mounts for JZ swaps
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  Want your 190E to have significanlty better performance? Do a JZ swap with our mount kit!

General Fitment

   We've designed these JZ brackets and urethane mounts to work with front sump JZ engines and locate directly to the stock crossmember with no modifications. You can even retain the factory steering gear. The JZ's do have two different starters, one with the solenoid rotated a bit farther out and one a bit closer in, if you plan on keeping your stock steering, you'll need the closer in solenoid, these are typical to the IS300.

   The JZ is significanlty longer then original engines, so they are a tight fit to the radiator, we had to run front mounted fans for clearance.

Material and Construction

  Made from 1/4" laser cut steel, formed, gusseted and powdercoated, these mounts are simple, strong and accurate. Our manufacturing design uses only 1 part to build the main bracket structure and then add a gusset. This 1 + 1 design allows us to supply a strong, quality product with less welding making manufacturing accurate and efficient. We've also included new bolting hardware so you don't have to use the old bolts that are probably getting messed up from age and grit anyway.

   The urethane mounts are our standard construction with 80A bushings in a cast aluminum upper section and formed steel lower. These mounts are extremely strong and durable. Softer 65A bushings are available, just notify us when you order to change. **These are not soft mounts** There is still engine noise transmitted to the chassis.

Hood Clearance

  The 190E actually has good under hood clearance, our 1JZ test car didn't have any hood issues and even had enough under the motor to run our large capacity cast JZ oil pan!

Kit Includes

Righ and Left side brackets

1 pair of urethane mounts

All required bracket and mount bolting hardware

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