FC chassis to JZ Motor Mount Brackets

FC chassis JZ Motor Mount Brackets
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We've made these motor mount brackets to help with that JZ swap in your FC3S chassis. The FC has a difficult cross member and firewall to deal with. We've made these brackets to try and fit the JZ as best we can to give a bit of adjustability, sit as low as possible and work with a factory Toyota rear sump pan (like SC300).

Unfortunately the motor still doesn't sit quite low enough, hoods don't tend to close without some modifications or spacing of the cross member. We do offer a 1" front frame spacer to help with the hood clearance and some trans tunnel clearance as well.

We also recommend our urethane motor mounts for the FC chassis, (M-FC-UMM-S8) to eliminate any rocking of the motor.

If you plan on running a twin turbo motor, the oil drain on the pan will require modification to fit with the new motor brackets.


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