20B to RX7 FD chassis Motor Mount Brackets

Mazda 20B to RX7 FD chassis Motor Mounts Brackets
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If you're swapping a 20B into your FD chassis, these are the brackets you'll want to do the job. We've formed these brackets to place the motor as close to the stock centerline that the 13B was in to keep the power frame lined up. We cut them from 1/4" steel, form it, brace it and plate it. These mounts are simple and clean and come with all required bolts for the block.

These brackets do NOT make the 20B "fit", the stock 20B oil pan will not fit the FD cross member and does not clear the steering rack. The stock 20B intake manifold is also too high to clear the hood. We have solutions for all of these problems however.

This bracket kit also does not come with any rubber or urethane motor mounts. We have our urethane motor mounts if you don't want to try and source them elsewhere. This is for brackets only.

When installed with our steering rack mod, the stock sway bar is no longer a direct fit.

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