20B to RX7 FD chassis Mount kit

Mazda 20B to RX7 FD chassis Motor Mounts Bracket Kit with Urethane Motor Mounts
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     This kit is based on our 20B motor brackets, just with our urethane motor mounts to finish it off as a package.  

     It sets the 20B in the stock height as the 13B so the power frame stays inline and hood clearances are better. When used with our oil pan adapter, short lower intake manifold and cross member mod, the entire 20B package will fit under the hood without minimal effort.

These brackets and mounts do NOT make the 20B "fit", the stock 20B oil pan will not fit the FD cross member and does not clear the steering rack. The stock 20B intake manifold is also too high to clear the hood. When installed with our steering rack mod, the stock sway bar is no longer a direct fit.

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