GS300 - Rear Diff Bushings

GS300 Rear Diff Bushings
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     The stock diff bushings just aren't made for high grip or or power situations. Soft bushings can cause wheel hop and flex that can lead to axle and other component breakage. Our new solid Urethane bushings are a great upgrade for abusive situations. 

General Fitment and installation

    The factory sub frame has formed metal cups that the new bushings will sit in, you will need to remove the stock bushings completely for the new ones to fit properly. Once the sub frame is clean, just knock the new bushings in!

    The bushings are side specific, so you will have to align the holes in the correct orientation and side to side placement!


     The new bushings are made from a 70 shore D urethane (similar to Nylon) with a cast in steel insert for the bolts to pass through. The urethane allows for some absorption of road noise and vibration without any deflection. They're effectively as stiff as Aluminum but without the full harsh road noise. Expect more road noise then soft rubber or soft urethane bushings!

Kit includes:

1 Driver and 1 Passenger rear bushing


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