JZ Oil Pan - Front Sump

Toyota JZ Oil Pan - Front Sump
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   Even with as good as the JZ is, oil control is still important. More oil is better, so we made a larger capacity oil pan with internal trap door baffling to help control feeding the motor under a variety of conditions. 

General Fitment and capacity

  The front sump JZ pans came in several configurations, so it's good to know what fits your application. They all have the same bolt pattern onto the factory cast mid pan, but the depth, oil pick up and rear edge of the lower sump can vary.

  Our new cast pan is 4" deep, this is similar in depth to a GS300 pan, which is about 1" more than a JZX90 pan. The oil capacity for this pan is about 7 qts. This dramatically helps with oil turn over rates compared to stock 3 or 4 qt. pans.

   It's important to note the back edge of the pan that has a mild angle, some pans such as IS300 or GS300 have a steep slope or a notch along the back. Our pan WILL NOT fit cars that require these notched features. Chassis like the S13/S14, Cressida and 190E will fit our our pan.  

Why not notch the back of the pan?

   This pan was made to increase oil capacity to help keep temps down and help with hight RPM starvation, most of the pans with the notched rear edge have a reduction in capacity despite the increased depth. If you have fitment requirements, the pan can be notched and will still have more capacity over a stock steel pan.

Oil Pick Up

    The 1J and 2J has been in a lot of chassis, so there's a few different oil pick ups out there. The GS300 has one of the lower pick ups out there while the JZX90 has a slightly shorter one. You can swap pick ups or exend yours to take better advantage of the new deeper sump, but just having the extra oil capacity will help with heat even if the pick up isn't all the way down.

 What you get

    The pan comes with all the required bolting hardware, two drain plugs and the stainless steel baffle plate installed with three trap doors, two for lateral and one for forward acceleration.

 Material and finish

   The pans are permanent mold cast from 356 aluminum, CNC machined then powder coated with a stainless steel baffle plate installed. The aluminum is good for heat dissipation while the black powder coat helps with external corrosion protection.

  Being cast aluminum, the pans do not like to hit the ground. Where a steel pan will smash in, the cast pan is more likely to crack under hard hits. If you use your pan as a skid plate, this pan is probably not for you.

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