E36 Urethane Motor Mounts

E36 Urethane Motor Mounts
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   If you're going to be running your car hard or possibly doing a motor swap, it may be a good idea to get rid of those soft factory rubber mounts, these Urethane motor mounts are a great option for performance applications.

General Fitment

   The mounts are designed to fit the factory location and be direct replacements for the stock rubber bushings. No modification should be required to fit these mounts. You may see minor change in height of the motor if your stock rubber mounts were worn, soft or broken.

Bushings and firmness

    We set the mounts up standard with stiffer 80A (Orange) Urethane bushings that seem to work well with most applications but also offer 65A (Yellow) softer bushings. These are a performance mount, so expect an increase in "engine noise" transmitted to the chassis.



Sold as a pair with 80A bushings.

Stock fitment on the E36 Chassis

Significantly less movement of the engine

Full floating omni-directional dampening unlike "puck" type mounts with a single through bolt. The bolt causes full metal contact from top to bottom.

Optional 65A (Yellow) bushings available by request

Easy replacement bushings

All new components



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