E36 to Toyota Manual Transmission Cross Member

BMW E36 to Toyota Manual Transmission Cross Member
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If you're swapping a Toyota into your BMW, you'll want a good transmission cross member to hold things in place.

 We've designed these plate type cross members to be a direct bolt in with added slotting for more adjustment of engine placement.

Made from 1/4" laser cut steel, formed and plated, you'll be able to put your motor right where you want it. We've included new bolting hardware so you don't have to use the old bolts that are probably getting messed up from age and grit anyway.The rubber transmission mount bottom plate must have a bolt spacing of 2.57" or 65mm side to side, this is the late style mount typical to a MK4 Supra/SC and most imported motors.

Toyota has two different rubber transmission mounts, an early style typical to the MK3 Supra generation, and a late style typical to MK4 Supra, SC300 and later as well as most overseas imported motors. The two bottom stud patterns DO NOT interchange on our cross member. Our cross member fits the later style.

The early style mount with the smaller mounting pattern will not directly fit this cross member, we offer an adapter mount for these transmssions, part number T-UTM-S5.

If you have a late style transmission and would like a urethane transmission mount, you will want our mount part number T-UTM-S2.

 We've also included new bolting hardware for the bracket to the chassis to make the install a bit easier.

 Urethane trans mount not included with cross member.

Kit includes

New cross member

Chassis bolting hardware



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