E36 Rear Subframe Reinforcement Plates

E36 Rear Subframe Reinforcement Plates
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     If you're planning on putting more power through that chassis or just want to run it pretty hard, you'll want to reinforce the rear sub frame mount points and sway bar mounts.

General fitment

  The new 6 piece kit will reinforce the front and rear mounting ears and the sway bar mounts. Since welding is required on the mounting ears, you may want to replace the sub frame bushings right away as they will probably get burned. It's easy to replace them while it's all out of the car, and will help with wheel hop and stability.

Material and installation

   The plates are made from 1/8" (3.2mm) mild steel. The thicker then stock material adds significantly more strength and makes welding them in easier. After test fitting and cleaning the metal prior to welding, you can focus the welding heat on the new heavier metal and draw the weld over to the thinner stock metal, this technique will help to prevent blowing holes in the factory thinner metal frame. Wire feed welders work well for this job.



Sold as a complete set of 6 parts. 2 Front plates, 2 Rear plates and 2 sway bar plates.

Installation of this kit requires welding!



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