E36 Rear Subframe Bushings

E36 Rear Subframe Bushings
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     If you're planning on putting more power through that E36 chassis or just want to run it pretty hard, you'll want to lock down that rear sub frame with stiff bushings to eliminate movement.

General fitment

  The new 8 piece kit will replace all 4 of the main sub frame bushings to maximize control. The kit contains upper and lower bushings for all 4 corners designed to work the factory bolting hardware and washers or cups.

Material and installation

   The new bushings are molded from a 70D Polyurethane. This hard, extremely high grade material comes from heavy industry with properties similar to Nylon or Delrin.

   The polyurethane also has a few advantages over aluminum bushings, the first noticable one will be fitment on installation. When the factory made the sub frame, they planned on using the rubber press in bushings that had give and compression that would mold to the iregular shape of the welded steel frame cups. The polyurethane has just enough compliance to fit these deformed shapes without modifications required. Solid Aluminum bushings with a "zero fit" do not have any conformability and often require sanding to fit, if you sand to much, then they're to small and are loose. 

    The second noticale difference is when it's all together on the car. Solid aluminum bushings transmit all the road and suspension noise dirrectly into the chassis with no absorbtion or damening. The polyurethane has a vibration absorbtion effect that helps with the transmssion of noise helping to keep vibration out of the chassis.



Sold as a complete set of 8 parts. 4 top bushings and 4 bottom bushings 


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