Beams ITB Filter Plate - Series 1

BEAMS ITB Filter Plate
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When you swap out your stock intake for ITB's, you'll want to run a filter to keep that motor swap alive!

We've made our aluminum base plate to work with our ITB adapter spacing, just unbolt your velocity stacks and put the plate in between.

To help with fitment in most cars, definitely in an AE86, we've shifted the filter forward for better firewall clearance.

The base plate is designed to be used with a Pipercross foam filter and will handle up to 100mm tall air horns on top Toyota Silver or Black top ITB's.

This filter adapter DOES NOT work with stock ITB spacing, it will not fit the actual Silver top or Black top motors or other ITB adapters with stock port spacing.

This plate is not sold with with the filter! 

Kit includes:

Aluminum filter base plate

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