AE86 Front Cross Member

All new AE86 front cross member. See below for full details!
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AE86 Front Cross Member - LHD - S1
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AE86 Front Cross Member - LHD - S3
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AE86 Front Cross Member - RHD - S1
AE86 Front Cross Member - RHD - S2
AE86 Front Cross Member - RHD - S3
AE86 Front Cross Member - RHD - S4

  This all new Front Cross Member is base on AE86 geometry but with a few definable features to help with high angle steering or motor swaps as well as a weight reduction over the stock unit.

AE86 fitment

 The chassis mount points and motor location stay true to the AE86 geometry for all 4 configurations. The changes are the steering rack location and the lower control arm mount point. Series 1 is stock, series 2 only moves the steering rack, Series 3 and 4 move the lower controll arm mount point and rack. See below for details on the different series.

Other fitment

 We've put in RA Celica mount points but have made the mounting pads fairly large and flat so they can easily be modifed for many other swaps. We've used this cross member in several swaps including early Cressidas and TE's, most anything that requires a rack and pinion swap and a front sump oil pan configuration. It's important to note that the front suspension geometry is based on AE86, it's typically between 1/2" to 5/8" wider per side then RA. We also make several motor swap bracket sets based on the AE86 geometry, if it's desgined to fit an AE, it'll fit this crossmember.Contact us if you'd like more information.

Steering rack fitment 

 Our rack mount blocks allow stock AE86 type rack fitment including AW11 manual rack swaps common on the AE. The rack position is selectable and differ by 1". The kit also comes new rack straps and strap bolting hadware. Rack bushings are NOT included. You will need to take into consideration that moving the rack forwards will require lengthening the steering column. Most columns can pull out 1" without problem, but you will need evaluate your own situation for safety when assembeled.

Series 1 and Series 2

  The Series 1 and 2 crossmembers both have the lower suspension mount point and the main cross beam in the stock location. The Sereis 1 leaves the steering rack in the stock location while the Series 2 moves the rack forwards 1" for better oil pan brace clearance on motor swaps like the BEAMS with power steering as well as better geometry for high angle steering. The 1" forward rack location allows the elimination of offset rack ends that tend to bend the steering rack due to the offset leverage problem. The Series 2 CAN NOT be used with offset rack ends due to the rack position in relation to the main cross beam and suspension inner point.

Series 3 and Series 4

  The Series 3 and 4 crossmembers both have the lower suspension mount point and the main cross beam 1" farther forwards then stock AE86. The Sereis 3 has the steering rack 1" forward from stock while the Series 4 moves the rack forwards 2". This is a major upgrade for guys running high angle knuckles as it's dramatically farther forwards then possible with offset rack ends. The Series 4 CAN NOT be used with offset rack ends due to the rack position in relation to the main cross beam and suspension inner point.

Oil Pan Clearance

  The Series 1 is the only version that will have stock like pan fitment, the Series 2, 3 and 4 have the steering rack moved forwards. The forward mounted rack positions help with motor swaps where the oil pans have a rear brace built in such as BEAMS pans. The relocated forward rack can eliminate the need for cutting of BEAMS pans when motor brackets are used that are lower then our standard AE86 to BEAMS brackets. Other front sump motors such as JZ and 1UZ front sumps do not have rear pan clearance issues with the stock type fitment associated with the Series 1 crossmember geometry.


  In our design of the new crossmember, we've made it configureable for both Righ Hand Drive and Left Hand Drive. Just select your chassis fitment and we'll set it up!


  The main cross beam is a single piece of box steel with a .125" (3.2mm) wall with all supporting brackets formed to fit directly wherever possible. Formed components helps to eliminate a bunch of puzzle pieces with welds on all sides. The reduction of welded puzzle pieces helps control the overall shape, accuracy and strength due to less heat distortion caused by bunches of welds. All the supporting gussets and fabrications are also .125" (3.2mm) thick steel, up to 100% thicker then stock in some areas and no spot welding of layers together to get thickness.

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